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    These two play really nicely together on mac but on windows i am having some problems sending data from the openFrameworks FaceOSC app to Wekinator.

    Having gotten through the pain of getting the FaceOSC openFrameworks app to work in Visual Studio, looking in the ofApp.cp i found:

    host = xml.getValue(“host”, “localhost”);
    port = xml.getValue(“port”, 8338);
    cout << port << endl;
    osc.setup(host, port);

    initially in the openFrameworks app, i tried to set the port value to the wekinator default (6448) but found that the port value would not change change in openFrameworks. so instead i just changed the OSC Input listening port to 8338. however i am not getting anything coming into wekinator. as i don’t see anything in the code for the folder (“/wek/inputs”) i’m guessing this is the problem but wondering if anyone else has already come across this and solved?

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    not fully tested yet but yeah if you want to use FaceOSC and Wekinator I guess you have use this:

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