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    (sorry if this is a double-post. after clicking the submit button my message never appeared, then when I go back to the forum site says “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it? It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for.”).

    When I try to run the “FaceOSC_Wekinator” Mac binary application (inside the “VideoInput_FacialExpression_oF_14Inputs” folder) on my machine (High Sierra, 10.13.3), the application promptly crashes with the error “FaceOSC_Wekinator has quit unexpectedly.” The bug report is quite lengthy and I’m happy to provide it on request, but the core part of the report looks like a failed assertion:

    Application Specific Information:
    Assertion failed: (s.is_open()), function Load, file /Applications/of_v0.9.0_osx_release/addons/ofxFaceTracker/libs/FaceTracker/src/lib/, line 59.

    As an alternative, I was able to download the FaceOSC binary ( which actually does run (note that the lighting has to be pretty bright for it to detect a face), but despite telling Wekinator to listen to port 8338 instead of the default port, the input never connects, whether I choose 14 inputs (for pose + gesture) or 8 (gesture alone).


    Then instead, I switched to the “WebcamObject_4096Inputs” inputs, and after downloading the image-net-2012.sqlite3 file and putting it in the WebcamObject_4096Inputs/data/ directory, I nevertheless get the error “Network file not found! Check your data folder to make sure it exists.” …Yes, it does exist. Screenshot from Finder: Screenshot of WebcamObject_4096Inputs directory, showing presence of image-net-2012.sqlite3 file in data/ directory

    Then I thought I might try building the latter example from source, but the link in the README is bad:
    “This program uses Gene Kogan’s ConvnetOSC (”. Going to that URL gives a 404. The proper link is Seems there’s a rabbit-hole of installing openFrameworks, and ofxCcv, and who knows what other dependencies those may involve. Not gonna try.

    So…what to do now? I’m looking to run a webcam input more sophisticated than the smiley-face “VideoInput_FaceDetection_Processing_3Inputs” example (which works, by the way).

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    …and customizing the address names of Wekinator’s input OSC messages to match those of FaceOSC ( “/gesture/mouth/width”, etc.) still had no effect: no input. Tried downloading the FaceOSC-Wekinator source to see where these messages were set, but it seems the downloads of the source, despite being on the FaceOSC-Wekinator page (, actually only give the source for the *regular* FaceOSC code, not the Wekinator version.

    Ok… This is my very first day trying to use any of this stuff, and I’m done trying. Please help me out.

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    Hi there,

    Sorry for the delayed reply. There is an issue with openFrameworks-generated apps on High Sierra, specifically having to do with OS X Gatekeeper. This may be causing the problem you’re seeing.

    One easy fix is to move the app to another directory (e.g., to the desktop) and then back. Then try double-clicking on it again. If it’s the Gatekeeper issue causing your problem, this should fix it.

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    No, that doesn’t work 🙁

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    Scott, did this fix your problem?

    Jegama, can you describe what you are experiencing?

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