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    I am trying to use ‘Wekinator to control a drum machine with a webcam’ for that I am trying to open ‘VideoInput_FaceDetection_Processing_3Inputs_Win64’application but it isn’t opening. there is no webcam showing, its a just blank solid screen.

    tried installing ‘SimpleVideoInputWithProcessing_100Inputs’ but this is also not working.

    other inputs are working like simple mouse, synth etc.

    Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Prachi, I believe there’s a problem with Processing’s use of video with some of the newer versions of Windows. You might try running from the Processing source code rather than the executable. If that doesn’t work and you’re set on using a webcam, I’d probably recommend using OpenFrameworks instead, since Processing’s support is so spotty at the moment.

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