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    In this example program, although x and y are updated, there is nothing happening in the scenery.
    This is the code to verify that x and y inputs are updating
    ofDrawBitmapString("Receiving 2 values (x, y rotation in degrees) on port 12000 " + ofToString(vx) + " " + ofToString(vy),10, 15);

    Still nothin happens… Any help?

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    Do you see a squirrel?

    People using newer versions of Mac OS X may be encountering a bug with Open Frameworks apps, due to the way that GateKeeper (apple security) deals with these programs. If you don’t see a squirrel when you run this program, that is most likely the cause. The easiest way to fix it is to drag the app into a different location (e.g., your desktop) then back to the original location. Then double-click to open it. You should now see a squirrel, and it should move around as you drag sliders in Wekinator.

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