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    Dear fellow Wekinators,

    Since a week I have met de possibilities of Wekinator. I have been using Quartz Composer and Ableton for a bit but haven’t been able to link the two with Wekinator yet.

    My goal:

    Linking my live webcam 8×8 pixel grid frame to a step sequencer in Ableton or Max 7.
    I’m new to these technical programs, so I might not know the most basic thing.

    I guess it’s about setting up the OSC input and output. But so far I have only come across tutorials explaining how to link two different devices (two different IP dresses).

    A second thing I’d like to do is to link color tracking to sound. So if my orange objects moves it will evoke a specific sound.

    An example of what it is I’m trying to achieve:

    Color-based webcam sequencer

    I’d appreciate any suggestions!

    Thank you,


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    Hi Kieran,

    For color tracking, I recommend trying out the colour tracker my student Sam made:
    https://github.com/fiebrink1/MaxColourTrackerForWekinator (in Max)
    https://github.com/fiebrink1/MaxColourTrackerForWekinator/releases/tag/v1.0 (executable for Mac, which you can run outside of Max)

    If what you want to do is turn an 8×8 pixel grid into a step sequencer, you might not need machine learning for that (it may be easier just to write the code to determine what colour is present in each grid square, for instance).

    For sending data from Wekinator to Max 7, I recommend looking at the Max examples for receiving wekinator information here: http://www.wekinator.org/examples/#MaxMSP_audio-2

    It’s simpler to get started in Max than in Ableton, so I recommend making sure you understand how this all works with Max first.


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