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    Hey there! Firstly, I must thank you for this great application you created, I love the idea behind it and how it works. I installed Wekinator from the website and downloaded some Processing examples. I downloaded the:
    – Simple_MouseXY_2Inputs
    – Simple_Mouse_DraggedObject_2Inputs
    – Mouse_ForDTW_2Inputs.

    However, only the input for the first one (Simple_MouseXY_2Inputs) seems to get connected and work, the other ones don’t. I’ve read through all the troubleshooting procedures but I cannot fix this issue. I’m a student trying to create a 3D-interface on a deformable screen with a Kinect. What am I missing? It seems to me Wekinator could be very useful for my work.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for posting. First, you won’t want to use Mouse_ForDTW_2Inputs with a classifier or continuous model; it’ll only work with dynamic time warping.

    So the issue seems mainly to be what is going wrong with Simple_Mouse-DraggedObject_2Inputs. The code here is only very slightly different from Simple_MouseXY_2Inputs, so I’m pretty certain it’s a problem with how it’s being set up and run rather than this particular piece of code not working on your computer. The easiest way to troubleshoot from scratch will be to restart your computer (thus killing any mystery OSC processes potentially in the background), then only start up Simple_Mouse_DraggedObject_2Inputs and Wekinator. If you’re on Windows, make sure you enable network traffic for Simple_Mouse_DraggedObject_2Inputs if you get a pop-up box asking you; otherwise it won’t have the permission to send OSC. Make sure Wekinator is set to use 2 inputs. Then click on the running Simple_Mouse_DraggedObject_2Inputs program, keeping an eye on Wekinator, and move the box on the screen around. You should see Wekinator’s indicator light for OSC Inputs turn green. Alternatively, if you’ve got a small screen, hit Record in Wekinator, then move the green box around in Simple_Mouse_DraggedObject_2Inputs, then return to Wekinator, and you should see some examples have been recorded.


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