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    I pretty much fell in love with Wekinator!
    I really want to use this for my projects but having a hard time learning how to use it. :'(

    Here are some of my questions – first of all, most importantly, would anyone like to tell me how to open the saved Wekinator project file?
    I had done my first trial and saved it on my desktop – but I cannot open the file. It’s saved in .wekiproj format but I could not find the way how to open it. I’m struggling with it for about 2 hours lol

    Secondly, I’m not a professional but a university student – so do not have a very high intelligence of coding and machine learning. Could anyone recommend me any tutorial materials on using Wekinator? Sadly, I couldn’t see enough supportive online tutorials for Wekinator.

    Hope someone could help me!
    Take care. Thank you!

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    Hi Hemm,

    Nice to have you here!

    To answer your questions: First, to open a saved file, you have to open Wekinator first, then use the menu system to open a saved file. I know this is super annoying, but it’s an artefact of writing in one programming language (Java) to support multiple operating systems, with one developer! I’d love to fix it but it hasn’t happened yet. But rest assured you can open your files this way.

    Second, I recommend the following to start learning more: (1) do the online walkthrough (you’ve probably done this already), (2) start looking at examples from http://www.wekinator/examples; hopefully you’ll find some in a programming language/environment you’re already a bit familiar with; these will show you how to get started; you can always refer to language-specific tutorials (I recommend Processing especially) to learn more about coding (3) my course on Kadenze goes into lots of detail about machine learning basics, more than enough to get you very familiar with how ML works in Wekinator and how to make effective projects with ML; I’ve also got a newer course on Future Learn which uses an online tool (MIMIC) instead of Wekinator to teach the basics. This course is much shorter but may also be helpful if you’re a total beginner.

    Hope this helps!


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      Hello Rebecca,

      Thank you so much for your kind answer! I appreciate it.
      Thank you for making such an amazing program as the Wekinator, too!

      I already had taken the course on Kadenze, but I guess I should learn more coding first in order to absorb everything from your teaching. I will check the course on Future Learn as well.
      Thank you so much for the supportive tutorials! 🙂

      best wishes,

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