Example Projects

Wekinator has been used in dozens of new musical performances, interactive art pieces, creative projects, and other hard-to-characterise works to date! Here are a few examples…

Posthuman Feminist AI: Creating with Unheard Voices in AI Design

The AI Design and research collective Feminist AI Projects: Bits & Bytes used Wekinator to prototype thinking around machine learning, ultimately using Wekinator in Unity to to support people’s engagement in mini protests. These protests would allow individuals who work or cannot be present due to family obligations to be present in a space for 24 hours.

Machine Learning Shadow Play by Isabella Ong and Marianna Chrapana

Laetitia Sonami playing and discussing the Spring Spyre in her NIME 2014 Keynote

Michelle Nagai — MARtLET from ISSUE Project Room

From the Waters by Anne Hege from Sideband

KIMA: The Wheel by Analema Group, presented at London Roundhouse

Read more about this excellent project.

HiBot by Caroline Hermans

Chino Kim’s Screeners

These smart glasses prevent you from seeing screens! Read more on his website and in Motherboard.

Andreas Refsgaard turns your facial expressions into internet memes

Snakinator by Danny Ryan

(Obviously, it’s a snake playing FM synthesis.)


There are lots of other good examples on YouTube and Vimeo. Have an idea for another cool project to feature here? Tweet it @rebeccafiebrink.